Post Offices opening times in Aberdeen

In the Aberdeen of 63 Offices, 5 companies. The biggest: Post Office (46 offices), Parcelforce Worldwide (10 offices), Royal Mail Delivery Office (5 offices), UKMail (1 office) and DHL (1 office).

Minefields and ruins: Israeli settlement called Trump built on conquered land [17 06 2019 05:19:49]

‘It will mean something for him, that there is a place in the world, far away from the States, with his name’It is a world away from the grandiose high-rises that bear his name.A sleepy, crumbling hamlet of fewer than a dozen Israeli residents surrounded by sun-parched fields of crisp hay. Weeds punctuate the cracked asphalt of a basketball court, its rusted hoops leaning at angles. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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